learning to paint, draw and hopefully, spell

Reflection – 1


Well something strange is happenning insomuch as i seem to be getting worse at painting. Badly worse and my own anger is affecting my enjoyment which, in turn is affecting my ability to paint. I spy a vicious cycle!

I think i may be at the point now were i need tuition. I know there are a million and one speedpainting videos on youtube but i’m not at a level where i can understand other people’s workflow enough to borrow little bits here and there; i need a foundation.

Any help anyone can give me on this would be immensely well received as i’m sort of getting on my on nerves with it.

So, where to go from here to get better?
Maybe ditch the ipad for a while and use my daily walks with the dogs to draw in a sketchbook with a pencil again
My paintings lack depth, acurate and/or interesting lighting and they just aren’t even drawn very well.
I may need to start again and just hammer the drawing for a while so that at least the viewer can actually start to know what it is without colour.
After that i may move onto value paintings again provided the drawing phase doesn’t throw up any other obvious problems.

For a start then, i shall draw again just using a sketchpad and pencil until i’m comfortable at that level then post here again addressing the next phase.

I just wanted to explain to anyone who reads this blog that i am trying and what’s going on with my thought process. I hope that in years i can look back and say, “wow….. i have come a long way!” Pleeeeeeeease, anyone who draws or paints or has any advice or anything, please feel free to comment here or send me a mail or even just link to a site where i might understand how to start a journey in art. If you read this, all the best and thanks for being patient!


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