learning to paint, draw and hopefully, spell

OMENS!!!! and their circling habits(!)

OK… another text one, eh? These bad boys are getting too frequent.. gimme pictures, doodle-monkey!!

I’m finding it a little directionless at the minute as i don’t know where i want to be so i’m just trying to do a bit of everything. Like Chris Oatley says in his podcast, this is an immeasurable goal and therefore doomed to failure before you even start.

I’m trying to practice drawing and painting in order to have a go at the things i have in my mind when i should be getting better by just DOING them. I would love to one day to illustrate a big colourful children’s book but the way my practice is taking me; well i’m headed more towards realism than colourful characters and lovely scenery.

Last weekend after taking my mother shopping, she had said she has written a short story about Santa Claus and would i like to try to illustrate that?

You know what… i really rather think i would.

After taking advice from my partner, friends and listening random podcasts that all seem to have the same topic; it feels obvious what i must do…
I’m going to  Get-Better-By-Actually-Doing-It!

Peas out, homebrew! (the kids still say that, right?)


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