learning to paint, draw and hopefully, spell

Better late than never…

Welcomes, and many of them!

The point of this? I really want to be able to draw and paint and i can’t do either at present. It’s as simple as that really. I’ve been inspired by sites such as Chris Oatley’s and Matt Kohr’s and this blog will hopefully chart my drawing and painting from “Whu??? Was that done by a drunk 4 year old on a skittles high???” to “Awesome! An underground temple-y style thing with rich conecpt-y goodness”.

They say that everyone has a squillion bad drawings in them so it’s time to start and see how close i can get to shaving that number down. You’ve been warned, the first million or so images will be baaaaaad, i mean, really baaaaaaad. BUT THEY WILL GET BETTER!!



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